KenAus Black with Red Cracked Effect Kendama

KenAus Cracked Effect Kendamas

Posted on 11 January 2018 by KendamaAustralia

We’re loving these KenAus Cracked Effect Kendamas!

KenAus Cracked Effect (Tama) Kendama

KenAus Black with Red Cracked Effect Kendama

KenAus Kendama Keyrings

Kendama Australia Kendama Keyrings

Posted on 20 January 2017 by KendamaAustralia

KenAus Kendama Keyring with Kendama Australia logo.  Colour plaited rope.  Kendama stands 5cm high from base to ball, 2.3cm wide from side cup to side cup, 8cm string length.  This is a solid Kendama, the ball cannot be removed.

KenAus Kendama Keyrings



KenAus White String Pack

New White String Pack!

Posted on 19 January 2017 by KendamaAustralia

Kendama Australia String Pack.  Each pack comes with 8 White strings and 8 Beads.  They’re very strong, correct length and come with wax coated ends and replacement beads.

KenAus White String Pack



KenAus Xmas Pack

Kendama Australia Xmas Packs

Posted on 31 October 2016 by KendamaAustralia

Kendama Australia Xmas Pack

KenAus Xmas Pack includes:

White short sleeve T-Shirt with printed logo of Kendama Australia’s famous “Kendama Eye”.  (Please specify t-shirt size in Order Notes box when at Checkout; kids size 12, small, medium, large, Xlarge).

Kendama Australia Kendama of your choice,these are the original Kendama Australia Kens.  The Kendama itself  is regulation size of 18cm tall.  These Kendamas also have extra strength with a metal tube running through the cross piece to stop the Kens coming loose over time. (Please specify Kendama colour in Order Notes box when at Checkout).

String Pack, pack comes with 3 Strings; x1 Pink String; x1 Purple String; x1 Yellow String; and 3 Beads.

x1 KenAus Kendama Keyring (colour of keyring string may vary).


Pro Team Member, Logan Dafoe takes on NZ

Pro Team Member, Logan Dafoe takes on NZ

Posted on 22 February 2016 by KendamaAustralia

Phillip Twogood

Great edit by our Pro Team Member Phillip Twogood

Posted on 16 August 2015 by KendamaAustralia

Kendama Australia

New Kendama Australia T-Shirts!!!

Posted on 26 November 2014 by KendamaAustralia

New in stock, white short sleeve T-Shirt with the famous Kendama Australia “Ken Eye”. Limited stock available, get them while they’re hot!!!

Kendama Australia "Ken Eye" T-Shirt

Smiley Kendama

Posted on 07 April 2014 by KendamaAustralia

The Harvey Ball World Smile Foundation was established to commemorate the design and creation of Smiley Face, towards the end of 1963, by the late Harvey Ball in Worcester, Massachusetts, USA.

In order to support the recovery from the Tokyo earthquake, which occurred on 11 March 2011, they have been promoting ‘A Smile For Japan’ activities on a worldwide scale.

Kendama Australia is proud to be a part of this project.

Ken around the World in Australia

Posted on 11 September 2013 by KendamaAustralia

The idea is to send a single Kendama around the World to as many players as possible, then after a year take it to the Geographic North Pole for the grand finale. Kendama Australia was excited to be a part of the Kendama’s journey.

Ken Around The World

Posted on 08 February 2013 by KendamaAustralia

Over in the UK, the Kernow Kendama guys are sending a Kendama round the world to raise money – each person or team who donates will get a turn to film a small section with the Kendama. We’ve made a Kendama Tracker so you can chart the progress of the Ken and view each edit as it gets made. Check it out here: Kendama Tracker – it’s an interactive map that also has links to the donation and Ken Around The World information page.

Currently, there are just UK locations up there, but we have paid for the Kendama to come to Australia so watch this space!